Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

Streaming and technicalities

Users, rooms, projects - user experience

  • Can I ban the watcher?
  • Do I have to send my users an invite every day to the same project?
  • Can I delete the room?
  • Do I need to re-invite old users into the room I’ve recovered from archive?
  • How is my stream protected from unauthorized users?
  • How do I archive the room?
  • How do I recover the room from the archive?
  • Can a watcher see archived room?
  • What user types are available within organization?
  • Icons in room card interface
  • Can I check invitation e-mail delivery with UpVision?
  • How long magic links work?
  • How to recover a forgotten password?
  • Can I see technical stream parameters during streaming / watching?
  • Which user stats are available for streamer?

Financial and billing

Referral Program

Feature plan

Please check out our feature roadmap to learn which features we plan.

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