Check out our roadmap

Since we’re early in our journey, we’d like our adopters to understand where we’re headed. We’re here for a long ride and we’d like you to join the journey with confidence.

We base our roadmap on input from paying users and industry leaders. But your opinion is important for us, even if we’re not acquainted with you: please use form below to suggest us a feature, etc.

We periodically update the roadmap to reflect reality, but as any small, fast-moving beast, UpVision has surprises as well.


Problems we’re working on and new features we’re researching.

  • UX Alternate users' identification credentials.

    Currently only e-mail address can be used as login. In future we will provide ability for streamers to name their watchers to their own liking and, potentially, both custom login name and e-mail could be used to access the system.

  • Streaming Streaming with hardware encoder instead of browser.

    We are researching the ways to enable hardware streamer-based workflows. Many of potential workflows imply unacceptable delays so far.

  • Security Custom security levels.

    Apply different security levels to your project based on your risks and policy - enable link-based access, password-based access, explicit etc.


Ideas and features we’re actively designing, prototyping and testing.

  • Streaming Multi-cam view.

    We are prototyping a multi-cam view feature to enable 4 streams from different streamers on one watcher page to mitigate the need to switch between browser tabs.

  • Streaming Grouping watchers.

    Group watchers in groups, suspend groups, etc.

  • Notification E-mail validation and invite delivery status.

    See whether the invite is delivered, trigger on e-mail error.


Features that are made through research and prototype phases, which are being polished to be reliable tools in your UpVision experience.

  • Technology On-stream conferencing.

    Configurable audio, video conference and text chat for stream watchers: no need to run Zoom simultaneously to talk.

  • UX Remove watcher from the stream.

    Will be available in next versions.

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