Fulfillment policy

Pricing, billing and other commercial terms.

Refund, return and cancellation policy

Cases where you are eligible for refund:

  • You can refund partial* unused balance within 14 days of payment.
  • You can refund partial* unused balance after being unable to use service for 14 days within your production pipeline.

If not these cases, we have the right to refuse the refund. If you have any circumstances, please let us know in time. In context of online services, refund and return have equal meaning.

* - Partial refund excludes payment processor fees for processing your transaction and refund.

Refund procedure

Customers requesting a refund are required to e-mail their inquiries to:


To complete your refund, we require an electronic copy of receipt or proof of purchase.

Your refund request will be answered and processed promptly. If you do not receive any reply, please contact us via alternative means (nobody is safe from e-mail non-delivery).

Delivery policy

Services associated with UpVision are delivered to you “as-is” according to UpVision terms of service by providing access to various features of our service.

Promotions and discounts


There are no currently available public promotions. Instead of promotions and discounts, we offer existing UpVision members fees for referring new paying users, subject to separate terms.

Promotions are provided on the basis of UpVision “Terms of Service” Promotions paragraph.


Early adopter discounts: UpVision early adopters are eligible for 33% discount for a predefined set of UpVision pricing plans. Early adopter is defined as an owner of an Organization account which commenced at least one payment for UpVision services before December 1st 2020 date. If you used UpVision and believe you are eligible for a discount, please claim your discount by contacting our billing @ billing@up.vision.

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